Love of Allah

Almighty Allah says:

‘And from among mankind there are some who take for themselves (objects of worship as) rivals to Allah, loving them as they should love (only) Allah. And those who believe are stronger in their love for Allah’ [Al-Baqarah v165]

Allah further says:

‘O you who believe, whoever of you becomes a rebel against his Deen, Allah will bring a people whom He loves and who love him…..’ [Al-Maidah v54]

•Sincere and overflowing love of Allah is the mark of a Believer
•Loving Almighty Allah is the ultimate aim of all stations and the summit of all states
•One of the beautiful names of Allah s All-Loving (Al-Wadud)
•All of creation is in need of Allah’s love, compassion, mercy and blessings
•The most exalted and elevated type of love is love for Almighty Allah
•None deserves to be loved more than Allah Almighty
•Love of Allah must be followed by submission to His commands and laws (Shariah)
•We must love what Allah loves (for His sake) and hate what Allah hates (for His sake) – referred to as Al-Wala wa’l Bara
•Allah and the Messenger have mentioned how the Lord loves, for example, the good-doers, charitable, repentant, modest
•A heart is decayed when it is bereft of love for it’s Creator
•A heart must love the One who rewards, pardons, forgives sins, bestows bounties, dispels grief and drives away sorrow

•Love Almighty Allah as this gives life to the heart and sustains the soul
•Increase in doing righteous actions as this increases Love for Allah, the Messenger and Islam
•Supplicate to Allah to instil in you complete love and fear of Allah

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