Community Cohesion

WISE is committed to community cohesion and presenting the true image of Islam to all.

Here are some of the projects we have been involved in:

- Building bridges initiative launched in 2006, with open days at the WISE Learning Centre and local media coverage
- Participation in the Wycombe One initiative
- Building Bridges Islamic stall held at the Wycombe Show
- "Understanding the Real Teachings of Islam" 5-week course run several times since 2006 at WISE Premises
- One-off special seminars held on Islam to address misunderstandings of this noble religion
- Visits to Churches to build bridges and allay fears over media hype about Muslims
- WISEYouth Club started with outreach to young people of any faith
- Involvement in the Wycombe Sharing of Faiths
- Muslim support to the Eden Chaplaincy service
- Attendance at the Peace March, Faith Fayre and Dine at Mine initiatives
- Involvement in police intiatives, eg Muslim Communication Forum
- Islamic cultural training for police, teachers, housing staff and others
- School visits to talk to classes about different aspects of Islam
- Providing input into METAS educational initiatives for minority groups
- Helped bring the Islam Exhibition to Wycombe
- Involvement in the Bowerdean Residents group

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