WISE in the media

WISE is active in raising issues in the media which directly or indirectly effect the local community. Below is a list of articles in the local press where WISE has raised issues affecting the local community:

New Scout group in High Wycombe
The 28th High Wycombe Muslim Scout group saw 19 youngsters invested into the Cub pack on Friday night, with more youngsters on the waiting lists...
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New Islamic Center
After many years of hard work, the new Wycombe Islamic Centre is almost complete. Wycombe Islamic Society (WISE) hopes that the centre will be ready for business in October...
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‘Instead of having suspicions - talk'
MUSLIMS who are tired of the negative way in which their religion is portrayed in the media post 9/11 and 7/7 have created an evening drop-in centre.
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Meet the dinner party anti-terror squad
The gathering was part of a series of dinner parties to bring together complete strangers from both the majority white British and the minority Asian communities.

Muslim leader slams 'semi naked' Eden parade
By Lucinda Adam

WYCOMBE Islamic Society has criticised Eden's opening celebrations claiming they failed to represent the town's ethnic minorities...
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Wise at the Wycombe Show
The Wycombe Islamic Society had a stall set up in one of the marquees along with the Drug and Alcohol Action Team and the Wycombe and District Sports Association for the Disabled.
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Muslims condemn all extremists
LAST week's report that the Policy Exchange, a Tory think tank, had found seven books containing extremist' material at the independent Muslim Education Centre in High Wycombe.
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Councillors don't have to live here
RE: THE decision of Wycombe District Council to allow Wycombe Islamic Society (WISE) to open a new centre for worship in Station Road, High Wycombe. The council said the society can use the building for one year while it looks for another site.
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Pupil should be free to wear veil
The open letter sent to the Bucks Free Press by the Wycombe Islamic Society: Liberation by the Veil: Pupil should be Free to Wear the Veil at School If a pupil chooses to be modest and wear a veil at school, she should have the freedom to do so Great Britain is truly a great country, a nation that champions human rights, and prides itself on freedom of belief and expression
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Islam gives positive view
MORE than 1,000 people visited High Wycombe Guildhall over the weekend to check out an exhibition promoting the positive contribution of Islam.
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MP urged to listen to Muslims' views
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Senior Muslim's warning over extremism drive
A SENIOR Muslim has warned a plan to target five-year-olds as part of anti-extremism drive "implies there is a widespread problem" in High Wycombe.
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Extremism drive warning
A Muslim spokeperson has warned a plan to target five-year-olds as part of anti-extremism drive "implies there is a widespread problem" in High Wycombe.
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