FajrStart: 04:13Jama'ah: 4:30
SunriseStart: 05:55Jama'ah: -
DhuhrStart: 01:09Jama'ah: 1:30
AsrStart: 05:02Jama'ah: 5:30
MaghribStart: 08:17Jama'ah: 08:22
IshaaStart: 09:34Jama'ah: 9:45

“Eid in the Park & Eid Breakfast”
Holmers Farm Recreation Ground, Buckmaster Road, HP124PE
Tues 21st August 8am

Important Instructions - please read!

Parking on the Day
There will be marshals directing traffic, please follow their instructions
1) There is parking on site at the park. This will get completely full by around 7:30am
2) ASDA have kindly allowed us to park at their venue. If you park towards the front right of ASDA, there are stairs exiting the supermarket grounds and from there it is a short walk to the park
3) John Lewis have also kindly allowed us to park at their venue. NOTE we are only allowed to use the multi-storey, we cannot park in the main, open car park
4) DO NOT park in front of any neighbours drive
5) DO NOT park in a way that would obstruct the road or the pavement
6) Factor in morning traffic to your journey time
7) If it is raining on the day, we will make an announcement for alternative arrangements

Join us for a free breakfast after the prayer 🙂

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#MeToo has been doing the rounds on social media, highlighting a shocking number of female (and a significant number of male) victims of of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Seemingly blind to culture, race, religion and class, it exists at all levels. Many of the stories recounted are harrowing; in fact some I, personally, could […]

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Racism is evil. Black, brown, white. African, Asian, European. Race, nationality and culture are just social constructs but so often lead to oppression, injustice, hatred. And inhumanity. Slavery, genocide, apartheid, prejudice, discrimination all perpetrated simply because one human being is seen as inherently inferior to another. At a political or social level, this still exists […]

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Shades of Grey

Black and White, that’s how many of us view the world. In the beginning at least. Things make sense, we think. We know where we stand, grounded in reality, able to judge what is right and wrong, able to pass judgment on others. We are filled with confidence, perhaps self-righteousness. All is right and as […]

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Ramadan, a blessed month that gives us an opportunity to gain better consciousness of Allah and improve our self-control. A simple Google search can highlight tons of medical benefits of fasting – it is even recommended by some top nutritionists. For some of us, however, Ramadan starts with a bang, by that I mean, a […]

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Latest Article on the WISE website.
Shama'il al-Muhammadiyyah - Prophetic Beauty (1)

Commentary to Tirmidhi's Shama'il al-Muhammadiyyah collated from various different works.
#ShamailTirmidhi #PropheticBeauty

TONIGHT!!! An inspirational talk by a speaker who was a victim of gang violence, brutally stabbed, tortured, pronounced dead, but given another chance by Allah
Not to be missed!

"When my supplication (du'a) is answered, I am happy because I got what I wanted. When my supplication is not answered, I am even happier because that was what Allah wanted." -Ali Ibn Abi Talib
#Dua #Qadr #Iman

When you're in the right, you can afford to keep your temper. When you're in the wrong, you can't afford to lose it. #FridayFeeling #Jumuah

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Shamāʾil al-Muḥammadiyyah – Prophetic Beauty (1)

…”The Messenger of Allāh (SAW) was neither noticeably tall nor was he short, neither was he extremely white nor was he particularly brown, neither was his hair very curly nor completely straight. Allāh commissioned him in his fortieth year. Then he remained in Mecca for ten years and in Madīnah for ten years. Allāh caused […]

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Fearing Hellfire – Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

Hellfire A description of the state of the denizens of the realm of agony Ibn Rajab al-Ḥanbalī     Fearing the Fire Allāh, Most High, says “In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the night and day, there are signs for people with intelligence: those who remember Allāh, standing, […]

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Time of Tribulation – Ibn al-Qayyim

The Great Wisdom of Trials and Tribulations Shaykh al-Islām, Ḥāfiẓ ibn al-Qayyim said:[1]   Complete felicity is to be found in the True Religion, by implementing it in speech and deed. Those who follow this religion are the one who attains this felicity as Allāh, Exalted is He, says, “Guide us to the Straight Path; […]

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Radiance of the Hearts (2) – al-Saʿdi

Bahjat Qulūbi’l-Abrār wa Qurratu ʿUyūni’l-Akhyār fī Sharḥ Jawāmiʿ al-Akhbār ʿAbdu’l-Raḥmān b. Nāṣir al-Saʿdī     3.   Tamīm ad-Dārī (RA) reports that the Messenger of Allāh (SAW) said, “The religion is sincerity and sincere advice. The religion is sincerity and sincere advice. The religion is sincerity and sincere advice.” They asked, ‘Messenger of Allāh, to […]

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