Wycombe Islamic Society (WISE) have been overwhelmed with messages of support after unsubstantiated claims were published in National Newspapers potentially damaging the name of WISE and good work it is doing in the community.


Here is what people had to say about WISE:

Halima (Joanne) Clifton

"I have been attending WISE for 5 years ever since accepting Islam. I have been consistently impressed with the professional way in which it is run and its open, welcoming atmosphere. The many community events it holds have been a great source of inspiration for many people and serve to provide a community focus around the centre. The administration have provided us with space to hold activities, help people with problems no matter what they may be, and are always available to offer advice, guidance and help. I have never heard a call to violence or extreme ideas taught at the centre, instead the opposite has been actively promoted."

Sonia Shields

"I reverted 2.5 years ago and have nothing but positives to say about WISE masjid in high Wycombe. 
I have studied and attended talks in nearly all the mosques in high Wycombe but find Wise the most welcoming and least cultural so I now attend here regularly . 
I have never heard anything extreme being discussed or taught , no mention of violence of any sort.
What I've been taught is to be generous, be tolerant, be kind in our words and actions as this is dawah . The main fundamental points of Islam are taught , prayers, hajj, fasting , shahada and charity. I am a revert and thought of Islam as extreme and wrong in many ways but scholars at wise explained to me that that is not Islam but just what people assume , so infact they taught me extremism is wrong. 
I have been through some struggles since I took my shahada and Wise has given me somewhere safe to open up and talk, somewhere supportive for myself and my children . When I have needed physical help as a single parent they have provided me with people offering there services for free. I cannot be more praiseworthy of this mosque or more grateful for their ongoing support."

Sadia Hussain (Speech & Language Therapist)

"I moved to High Wycombe 5 years ago with my husband and my young children. I initially contacted the WISE group to network with local Muslim families and to feel a part of the Wycombe community. It has been a wholly positive experience for me and my family. We have engaged in social activities with other families, attended coffee mornings, participated in charity events, taken our children on day outs and benefited from the wide range of classes offered at the mosque. All this has given my family and I the opportunity to learn a balanced way of understanding Islam and empowered me as Muslim women to contribute positively and confidently in the wider community.


"I am an Optometrist by profession and have known the members of WISE for the past 16 years since I first moved to High Wycombe from London at the age of 10. I regularly attend the WISE centre for prayers, especially after work as it is a way for me to worship and connect with God as an important pillar of my religion. I find the members are very approachable with any concerns or matters I have. I feel I benefit from the lectures and classes they provide which help me to further my knowledge and understanding of the religion, teaching that Islam truly is a religion of peace and warning of the dangers of extremism. Outside of work I help organise football and involve the youth regardless of their religion. I can sincerely say I would never consider moving residence from High Wycombe in the foreseeable future because of the unique community cohesion and the continuous support WISE provides in my life."


"My mother reverted to Islam a couple of years ago now and as her daughter I have been to the mosque several times to see what goes on, what it's all about, and how they've helped her. I have so much gratitude towards the WISE mosque for the help and support they have given my mum In changing her life for the better, and the help I've seen them give others. When a brother or sister is having financial, emotional, physical trouble, every time I have seen everyone getting together to help. Every time I have been to the mosque, even as a non-Muslim, I have always been so so welcomed with smiles and hugs, people always asking about me and most importantly to me, not judging me. It's always been a lovely place to be and I find it so sad that all this negativity has arisen lately from individuals that have no doubt, never even been inside."