Abida Frazdaq Ali

"I am writing to describe my experience of attending Wise. Having lived in High Wycombe for 9 years now and not knowing many people, I felt very isolated until about 3 years ago when I was approached to attend a sisters coffee morning where sisters gather for a chit chat and some coffee and just to socialise and meet new sisters. It wasn't until then that I felt a feeling of belonging in this community and this town.

Everything I have experienced through the Wise has been of a neutral sense in terms of welcoming me and not dealing with any kind of extremist views or beliefs people may have and I find that very positive compared to some other places I have attended here in Wycombe. I have found so many beautiful and wonderful sisters who have become close friends through events and social gatherings here at Wise. I attended a few exercise classes and would love to continue but due to family commitments I can't.

I have never been approached about any extremist ideas or views and I feel a true part of my community being born and brought up in this country and through experiences with other mosques that are run by our elders, u never feel a part of the wider community or feel your views are being taken seriously whereas that is the complete opposite of the Wise.

It has given me a sense of belonging and a sense of High Wycombe being my home town now. Alhumdulillah.

JazakAllah Khair and keep up the good work."

Dr Junaid Yousafzai (GP)

"I would like to comment on and extend my support to the excellent work that WISE does in various fields of community welfare. Be it to improve understanding of Islamic principles for the Muslims and people of other or no faith alike, engaging youth in healthy and productive activities like football, hiking and trekking etc, supporting and promoting healthy debates on various issues during theMonday evening tea hour where people of all faith are welcome, family funfairs for charity and various informative and engaging activities for all ages and genders. I have been impressed by their efforts to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the neighbours and the community at large, amongst the congregation and their members. I strongly believe that they have a very positive and important role to play in the fight for understanding, knowledge, community cohesion and against ignorance, oppression and terrorism."

Azhar Altaf (Senior Probation Officer)

"I have visited WISE on a number of occasions over the past few years in my travels to the town. It is a unique institution run professionally and one which seeks to increase social cohesion and counter acting  islamophobia and extremism.
Their programme of activities cater for all ages and also  reach out to other sections of the local community.
It is very much a model for other mosques in how they should be run in adopting an  outward and forward looking perspective on building an understanding society and meeting the needs of the congregation."

Monika Ameera

Assalamu Alaykom
Wise mosque has been very helpful for me and for my family. I have moved to High Wycombe a year ago and as a Muslim I have visited all the mosques in High Wycombe.
I didn't see so helpful people in any other mosque than in Wise.
Wise mosque has many educational activities for kids, women, men and also for youth.
Wise mosque has helped me with several issues.They gave me good emotional support, financial support, educational support.
I have had chance to learn more about Islam only because of Wise mosque.
It makes me feel like I have real family in Wise mosque.
Ladies always welcoming and children can learn about Islam.
May Allah always keep Wise mosque safe and in right path in shaa Allah.

Fozia Din

I have found that the WISE is only mosque/community centre within High Wycombe and surrounding areas that offers so much for Muslim families and women in particular. Every single member of my family use the mosque for one thing or another. I have, personally used and benefited from the coffee mornings and boxercise classes. My children attend the after-school classes and scouts, whilst my husband attends the mosque for prayers.



Assalamu alaikum wrwb, I have attended Wise for 2years.They have excellent facilities for all Muslims, especially reverts, including classes in English, coffee mornings and social events. They stick to simple,pure, kind and humble teachings of Islam with no extreme views or innovations. This mosque has bought people together and helped so many people in so many different ways. There is always someone there and someone to help,give advice or simply listen. I always look forward to attending this beautiful place, where you can find peace,love ,calm and tranquillity.

Hammad Akhlaq (Lecturer in Maths Amersham & Wycombe College)

I moved into Wycombe just over a year ago, after being offered a position as a Mathematics teacher in the area. Prior to this, I had always heard rave reviews about WISE Islamic Centre and the services that it provides for the community. I can safely say that I was not disappointed, as when I moved into the area, the attendees at the Centre made me feel very welcome and at home.

During the open hour on Monday evenings, they serve snacks and tea, during which time I was able to meet a range of people from various backgrounds, including fellow practitioners, and this helped me to settle very quickly into the area.

The Friday sermons are always one to look forward to, as they are always spiritually enhancing. The Imam promotes tolerance and goodwill between communities and encourages us to be the best towards our neighbours and work colleagues.

Every so often, they have programmes for all walks of life, and I particularly enjoy the open lectures followed by a dinner, that they hold for the community.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community at WISE, and sincerely hope they continue with their good work.