"I reverted 2.5 years ago and have nothing but positives to say about WISE masjid in high Wycombe.
I have studied and attended talks in nearly all the mosques in high Wycombe but find Wise the most welcoming and least cultural so I now attend here regularly .

I have never heard anything extreme being discussed or taught , no mention of violence of any sort.

What I've been taught is to be generous, be tolerant, be kind in our words and actions as this is dawah . The main fundamental points of Islam are taught , prayers, hajj, fasting , shahada and charity. I am a revert and thought of Islam as extreme and wrong in many ways but scholars at wise explained to me that that is not Islam but just what people assume , so infact they taught me extremism is wrong.

I have been through some struggles since I took my shahada and Wise has given me somewhere safe to open up and talk, somewhere supportive for myself and my children . When I have needed physical help as a single parent they have provided me with people offering there services for free. I cannot be more praiseworthy of this mosque or more grateful for their ongoing support.


I wish to write a short testimonial regarding WISE in light of recent events. As medical professionals my husband and I have lived in many UK cities including London, High Wycombe, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Stoke-on-Trent. We have chosen to settle in High Wycombe as we find WISE has helped us be part of a close knit community. I attend the coffee mornings as well as socials and my children have also started classes there. These have positively influenced our lives. I have never experienced extremist views being taught at WISE. Dr A Butt.

I have been attending the WISE centre for 7 years and have always found it to be a very welcoming organisation focused on community cohesion.
I have always been impressed with the way the centre has been run. There has always been a consistent message to stay within the bound of orthodox Islam and a regular warning of the dangers of extremism. The community events, the charity activities helping those less fortunate, regular open days and work with other local organisations are all testiment to the great work
the organisation have done within the town and am sure many non-muslims who have come in contact with WISE will vouch for this.

I was a student at WISE in 2013, looking for a class that would help me improve reading the Qur'an. I chose WISE because I know that they do not follow a particular sect but follow religion according to the Qur'an and the way of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I was happy with the education I received and looked forward to going every Sunday to gain better knowledge and understanding of the Qur'an. During my time there, I have never experienced any extremist views; I actually felt that the mosque was open to everyone, regardless of religion or background. Overall, WISE had a positive influence over me.

Imran Mohammed (Hospital Consultant)

My experience of WISE has been overwhelmingly positive. The mosque community is friendly, open and welcoming, with patrons varying widely by age, ethnicity and profession (although there do seem to be a lot of doctors!). I have attended a number of classes and lectures at WISE, finding them invariably informative, balanced, sensitive, and conscious of the challenges facing the world. I have really enjoyed taking part in some of the mosque's many activities ranging from climbing Snowdon, cycling in the Chiltern Hills, Boy Scout group, to simply going out for a kebab with the Imam. In a recent educational course, WISE have also positively challenged and constructively criticised the ideology leading to formation of groups such as ISIS.

Bushra Rizwan

I have been going to wise mosque for 3 years . I learnt  tajweed .how to shroud a deceast and how to bring up my children  in the light of islam . Jzk

Saud Faisal

I've been coming to WISE for over 3 years now. I've always found it to be a very welcoming and friendly place. I think there's a great sense of community about the centre.
What I love about WISE the most is that it has consistently tried to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims about the true spirit of Islam with a particular focus on mutual respect and tolerance for people of all faiths and backgrounds.
I think the centre is amazingly well run and plays a crucial role in deterring Muslims especially young Muslims from going down the route of extremism.

Ameekha Ashraf  Age: 16

I have been involved with the WISE community since I was very young and I believe that I have benefited greatly from it. I attend a girls youth group called TeenWISE. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and it gives me a chance to meet up with my friends in a safe environment where we do many creative and sporty activities while learning about my religion in a positive light and contributing to the society.

Anisa Ather

"As a committee member of TeenWise girls’ youth club, a social and educational club affiliated to WISE mosque, I know WISE mosque to be a welcoming and transparent organisation which engages with the wider High Wycombe community. The mosque encourages all its members to maintain good community relations. The mosque is a safe and social environment for its younger members. WISE has been very vocal in its condemnation of  ideologies maintained by groups like ISIL.”

Dr Junaid Yousafzai GP

I would like to comment on and extend my support to the excellent work that WISE does in various fields of community welfare. Be it to improve understanding of Islamic principles for the Muslims and people of other or no faith alike, engaging youth in healthy and productive activities like football, hiking and trekking etc, supporting and promoting healthy debates on various issues during theMonday evening tea hour where people of all faith are welcome, family funfairs for charity and various informative and engaging activities for all ages and genders. I have been impressed by their efforts to inculcate a sense of responsibility towards the neighbours and the community at large, amongst the congregation and their members. I strongly believe that they have a very positive and important role to play in the fight for understanding, knowledge, community cohesion and against ignorance, oppression and terrorism.