The Worth of Man

The worth of every man is judged by what he seeks. The value of a person who seeks Allāh is beyond measure; a person who covets this world is too lowly to be valued.

al-Shiblī said, ‘Whoever clings to this world will be burned in its blaze, becoming ashes blown about by the wind. Whoever clings to the Hereafter will be refined by its light, becoming pure gold of the highest quality, someone who is of benefit to all. Whoever holds fast to Allāh will be rarefied by the light of Tawḥīd, becoming a jewel that is beyond value.’

He has ambitions, the greatest of which is illimitable;

The least of which time itself finds untouchable.

Anyone who has truly great ambition will only ever be content with seeking Allāh, Glorious and Most High.

Ibn Rajab, al-Maḥajja fī Sayr al-Duljah

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