Upcoming Timings

Note: Jum’uah khutbah starts at 1pm.

Day  Date   Fajr         Iftar

Fri 24th      02:53       21:01

Sat 25th      02:51       21:03 – Lecture: Death and the Hereafter at 8pm (Free Iftar meal)

Sun 26th      02:49     21:04 last day for fitrana (£4 per head)

Eid In The Park

It’s back alḥamdulillāh –  on Tues 4th or Wed 5th June. We won’t know for sure until the Monday 3rd.

Parking is available at the John Lewis Multi-Storey car park as well as Asda, as in previous years. Detailed instructions will follow closer the time, but for now book the date and bring the whole family and your friends!! 😊

Khateeb: Refi Shafi (Abu Rumaysah)


Upon breaking the fast

Thahabadh-dhama’u wabtallatil-‘urooq, wa thabatal-‘ajru ‘inshaa’Allaah

The thirst is gone, the veins are moistened and the reward is confirmed, if Allah wills.


After the salaam of the witr prayer

Subhaanal-Malikil-Quddoos (3 times)

Glory is to the King, the Holy.

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