COVID-19 Masjid Guidance – 18th March


Given the latest advice issued by MCB and BIMA, along with the guidance WISE has received from our critical care experts, and following the fatawa of various ulema here and abroad, *the Masjid will be closed for all prayers* including Jumu’ah prayer as of today.

This is a truly heart-breaking step to take; to shut down one of the most beloved places to Allah is agonising, but we feel that it must be done for the welfare of our community and the health of our elders.

But our Lord, Most High, wants us to worship Him in all circumstances He decrees for us. Brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties this is an opportunity for us all to establish a Masjid in our homes, to hold congregational prayers with our family, to recite Qur’an and perform His dhikr there.

We will be reviewing the situation on a daily basis, and rest assured the Masjid will re-open as soon as it is viable to do so.

In the interim period, Salaam Academy and many of our other classes will be moving online.

We also understand that there is already a heightened sense of anxiety amongst the community, many people will have questions and will need advice. As such, we will be ramping up on other services that the Masjid offers to help us through these trying times, while rememebering that is our faith in Allah that guides us, our reliance is always on Him and we have the certain, unwavering belief that what He decrees for us is always good for us.

May Allah guide us all and unite us as one family in His Janna. Ameen

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