The Believer Defined

The Prophet (SAW) said, “The believer is one to whom the people would entrust their blood and property.” (Tirmidhī, Nasāʾī)

This ḥadīth proves that correct faith leads a person to be careful of those things entrusted to him and prevents him from treachery. People feel safe around him and, as a result, would entrust him with the most precious things they own – their blood and property.

The affair is as al-Hasan said, ‘Faith does not come about by mere wishful thinking and idle desire, rather it is something that takes firm root in the heart and is testified to by actions.’

Therefore, outward and inward actions testify to the truth of faith and perfect it. Allāh says, “Whoever has faith in Allāh, He will guide his heart.” (Q64:11)

So the servant, when he is afflicted with a calamity and believes that it is from Allāh, that Allāh is the All-Wise and Most Merciful, that He knows best what is good for His servant, Allāh will guide His heart with the specific guidance that would lead to him being content and patient. He will accept the decree and be in a state of peace and tranquillity.

Allāh says, “Those who believe and do righteous actions, their Lord will guide them by their faith.” (Q10:9)

The thing that they will be guided to has been left unmentioned so as to generalise and include guidance to all good things and to leaving all evil things. This is all by virtue of their faith. Therefore, actions are part and parcel of faith when they are looked at from a particular perspective, and also from the necessary products and fruits of faith when looked at from another perspective. Allāh is the One who grants divine accord.

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