How To Increase Faith (2)

A person who ponders the Qurʾān will always benefit from its many sciences and profound knowledge, and his faith will increase. Allāh says, “When His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith and they put their trust in their Lord.” (Q8:2)

Similarly, whoever considers its content and composition will soon realise that each part is in complete harmony with the other, and that it has no contradiction or inconsistency whatsoever. He will appreciate that it is truly revealed by the All-Wise, the Praiseworthy, and be in no doubt at all. Falsehood cannot approach it from any direction and had it been from other than Allāh, one would have found many discrepancies and contradictions in it. “Will they not ponder the Qurʾān? If it had been from other than Allāh, they would have found many inconsistencies in it.” (Q4:82)

Pondering the Qurʾān is one the greatest means of strengthening faith, and there are many ways in which the Qurʾān achieves this. Recitation of Allāh’s verses by itself will always be of immense benefit to the believer and his faith will increase. So too when he understands the truth of its narrative and its wise, just legislation. When we add to this his pondering it carefully, his understanding what is meant, his apprehending its fundamentals and details, one can only imagine the benefit achieved! This is why the only course left to the true believer is to say, “Our Lord! We heard a caller calling us to faith, ‘Have faith in your Lord!’ and we had faith.” (Q3:193)

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