How To Increase Faith (3)

In many verses, Allāh has told us that the Qurʾān is a sign for the believers and those possessing certainty. This is because through reciting it and pondering it, they attain such knowledge, faith and certainty as Allāh wills. The more they recite, the more they increase in these. Pondering the Qurʾān is one of the greatest methods leading to the increase and flourishing of faith, β€œThis is a Book We have revealed to you, full of blessings, so let people of intelligence ponder its verses and take heed.” (Q38:29)

Receiving the blessings of the Qurʾān, the most important of which is the attainment of faith, is done through pondering its verses and signs. Pondering stops the obstinate denier in his tracks and prevents the transgressor committing his sin. Allāh says, β€œDo they not ponder these words?” (Q23:68) meaning that had these disbelievers who mocked Allāh’s Messenger (SAW) truly pondered the Qurʾān as it deserves, it would have prevented them from disbelieving and rejecting. It would have led them to accept faith and to follow the one who came with it (SAW).

Allāh says, β€œNo, the fact is that they have denied something which their knowledge does not embrace,” (Q10:39) meaning that had their knowledge grasped the Qurʾān, this would have prevented them from rejecting faith and led to their acceptance of faith.

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