Shades of Grey

Black and White, that’s how many of us view the world. In the beginning at least. Things make sense, we think. We know where we stand, grounded in reality, able to judge what is right and wrong, able to pass judgment on others. We are filled with confidence, perhaps self-righteousness. All is right and as it should be.

Then we learn, we experience, we mature. We begin to grasp nuance and empathy, apprehend complexity. Suddenly things start turning grey. A spectrum emerges. The black and white remains on either end, but it shrinks. What we previously saw to be reality turns out to be a false construct rooted more, we realise, in our lack of self-confidence and naivety than it is looking at things as they are, more of a self-defence mechanism. A paradigm shift occurs, a new mindset emerges. No longer are we quick to pass judgment: we become more cautious, more understanding, more willing to question and ask, more willing to learn. And more accepting; choosing to see the good where previously we focused on the bad. We have finally reached adulthood. Equipped to live in this world and work for the Hereafter.

Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said, β€œThe best believers in faith are those with the best manners and conduct; those who are humble, genial, and with whom people feel at ease. A person who is not friendly and agreeable, and with whom people are not comfortable is not one of us.” (Tabarani, al-Awsat)

”Beware of suspicion because suspicion is the most false of speech. Do not hunt for faults in others, do not spy, do not be envious of each other, do not hate each other, and do not turn your backs on each other, rather be servants of Allah as brothers.” (Bukhari)

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