WISE Shura Update

Our beloved young brother in Islam passed away on the evening of Monday 27th February, at the age of 13.

We are all so devastated and heartbroken with the news. All of the community is sharing in this grief and it is difficult to stop the tears from flowing for the loss of such a young brother.

He was a wonderful young man with so much excitement and love for Islam. In his final days he played in the Masjid with friends, prayed salah in congregation for Isha, and listened to an Islamic reminder among the good company of his Muslim brothers, surrounded by the angels. When Allah wills good for his servant, Allah guides him to do righteous deeds before he dies, then He takes his soul whilst he is in that state.

We pray Allah swt raises his station among those who are guided and enters him into jannah al-firdaus.

We understand there are a lot of questions being asked as to what happened. Unfortunately we do not know the exact cause of his death at this stage, but it is understood from his family that he experienced a severe asthma attack.

At this stage we can share that the boy began to feel unwell at the Masjid on Saturday while sitting in the prayer hall listening to the Islamic reminder. The boy took his inhaler and confirmed that he hadn’t eaten anything at the Masjid. Volunteers did everything they could to help, and acted promptly to call emergency services and parents who arrived within minutes on the scene. His situation deteriorated rapidly and he was taken to hospital by the ambulance service. The emergency services praised the volunteers on site for the way the situation was handled. Sadly he passed away 2 days later in the hospital.

We ask everyone to make dua for him and his family. May Allah swt enter him into jannah and allow him to be a means of entry into jannah for his parents.

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