Community Cohesion

WISE is involved in many local humanitarian causes and is committed to community cohesion, something required of Muslims by  their faith.

COMMUNITY Initiatives

During these difficult times, we are running a free service providing help to the local community, Demand has been high but our team of dedicated volunteers is happy to help! Find out more

A chance for our elders in the community, Muslim and non-Muslim, male and female, to leave their homes and gather together in a safe, friendly environment while enjoying a delicious three course meal – freshly cooked!

Make new friends, meet old friends, build up your social networks, find out what’s happening around you, and enjoy an open discussion!

Pick up and drop-off can be arranged by our volunteers.

Please spread the word to all those around you.

Let’s all help to enhance the health and well-being of our elders!

NOTE: If you’re interested in attending, or know someone who is, please do email:

WISE in partnership with WYCOMBE MIND launches a new community initiative at The HIVE.

Mental Health and Well Being is a major concern in our community. So many people are affected by stress, anxiety and worse but it’s just brushed under the carpet. Young and old suffer and have no where to turn.

The problem needs to be addressed with understanding and care.

This is a safe place to just talk to professionals while being assured of complete confidentiality…

Wednesdays 1-5pm a the WISE Learning Centre

A totally confidential service for women by a qualified counsellor.

Sessions are free but by appointment only.

A confidential service conducted by our Imam either in person at Masjid as-Salam or over the phone or by email. Click here for more details.

Bringing the Community together. Find out more.

Here are some of the projects we have been involved in, either by partnering and providing volunteers, or supporting financially:

  • South Bucks Hospice
  • Age UK
  • Wycombe Homeless Connection
  • Old Tea Warehouse
  • One Can Trust
  • Wycombe Sharing of Faiths
  • Saunderton Lodge
  • Wycombe Refugee Partnership
  • One Nation
  • High Wycombe Helping Others
  • McMillan Cancer Support
  • Active Bucks
  • Bucks Waste Partnership (Let’s Cook)
  • Healthy Living Centre
  • Islamic cultural training for police, teachers, housing staff etc.
  • School visits
  • Involvement in the Bowerdean Residents group

To download a leaflet about WISE, please click here