Online Ramadan Collections

Each year, you donate towards a variety of great causes duringΒ RamadhanΒ when charities visit the masjid to collect donations at Jumuah and after Isha/Taraweeh prayers. As Masjid as-Salaam is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are moving the collections to a virtual platform so you can continue to gain the reward of giving charity in Ramadhan. Please use this page to donate to the charities listed below sadaqah throughout Ramadaan.Β  We will strive to provide more details on each cause ahead of the donating window throughΒ social media, the wise email forum and chat groups.

The conditions for donors are as follows:

  1. Donations made per day (Maghrib to Maghrib) will be assigned to the appeals per the dates in the timetable below. Each appeal starts from Maghrib and runs for 24 or 48 hours per the timetable below
  2. If you miss the appeal and want to donate to a particular case, please add a comment in the comments field when processing your donation through Totalgiving, and this rule will override Rule 1 above or use the donation links for the charity's own website as provided below.

We will be using this donation link throughout Ramadan for the collections below:



Collection Timetable


Fri 24/04 - WISE Welfare Covid 19 International Relief

[Sadaqah: Your own WISE Welfare team working to deliver international food aid to Yemen, Egypt, India, Morocco, Palestine, and Pakistan]


Sat to Sun 25-26 April - Muntada Aid

[Sadaqah: Education, Healthcare and reducing poverty worldwide]


Mon to Tue 27-28 April - Karnana Welfare trust

[Sadaqah/Zakat: Provides aid to widows and poor families in Karnana, Pakistan]


Wed to Thur 29-30 April - Bedford Islamic Centre
[Sadaqah: Initiative to purchase building for permanent masjid in Bedford, as promoted by Sh Abu Sohayb and Yusha Evans]


Fri 01 May - WISE Masjid as-Salaam

[Sadaqah: Helping fund the day to day operations of WISE charity run through your local masjid.Β  Currently we are looking to build a new wudhu area and also are expanding the size of the mosque basement area]


Sat to Sun 02-03 May – SOLACE

[Sadaqah: Supports revert sisters in difficulty.Β  Those of us born into Muslim families have a huge support network however many reverts are abandoned and have no means of social or financial support]


Mon to Tue 04-05 May – Islamic Network

[Sadaqah: support Mosques in the UK to provide services that engage and nurture the young people in their community ]


Wed 06/05 -Β  SZWT – Kashmir Aid

[Sadaqah – Food Aid, Welfare to orphans, widows, the needy, the sick and the disabled in β€˜Poonch, Azad Kashmir’]


Fri 08/05 - ARISE/WIN

[Sadaqah: WISE initiative to provide Islamic, social and recreational activities forΒ the developmentΒ of the young men and women in High Wycombe]


Sat 09/05 – HHUGS

[Sadaqah:Helping families under great stress. Providing financial, emotional, and practical support and advice to Muslim households impacted by counter-terrorism, national security and extremism-related laws internationally]


Mon 11/05 - Al-Hijra School

[Sadaqah: Running an Islamic school to educate kids from humble backgrounds in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan ]


Wed 13/05 - Islamic Council Europe

[Sadaqah: Reconciliation services -Β Β Marriages, between families, friends, business partners or colleagues


Fri 15/05 - WISE Welfare

[Sadaqah or zakah]


Sat 16/05 - Kokan Unique Trust, India

[Sadaqah: Helping a number of poor regions in India with food aid.Β  Support via local Wycombe brothers from the Kokne community to ensure funds reach the most needy]


Mon 18/05 - Homeless / Foodbank

[Sadaqah: Support local initiatives to help the homeless, eg Janies Homeless Friends, and foodbank support projects]


Wed 20/05 - One Nation

[Sadaqah: One Nation have local presence and the local group has done some great work throughout the years.Β  Fund their ongoing relief projects.]


Fri 22/05 - Aylesbury Vale Islamic Centre

[Sadaqah: Help donate towards the remaining Β£100k outstanding towards purchasing the building for a new masjid in Aylesbury]


Please note that WISE Welfare needs to apply for gift aid through the government process and this has significant lead times and hence donations from the gift aid amount will only be paid to relevant projects at that time collected or used for delivering the aid.Β  For all these projects we are seeking sadaqah payments only.


All Zakat payments should be made to our general zakah donation page @Β


WISE Welfare thanks all its donors in advance.