What is R2R?

A local organisation aiming to reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour by providing culturally appropriate education and interventions tailored specifically to the needs of BAME offenders. We believe that offering choices and opportunities for reform will give individuals a vision of a better future for themselves and the community.

This is an important project that needs your support for its long-term success. Please consider making a donation and help to change the lives’ of youngsters from our community. It only takes a few minutes and could make a difference that will last a life-time.

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Discover the Road to Reform – The Night I was Stabbed – Ayman Marwa

Sunday 7th March @ 6:00PM

Online via YouTube

Ayman Marwa delivers a powerful talk about the night he was stabbed in gang violence, pronounced dead only to then be given a second chance by Allah. This will be followed by a panel discussion focused on drug- and crime-related challenges facing the Muslim community.

Who are R2R?

Located in Bucks, High Wycombe, Road to Reform is an exciting new initiative providing a tailored approach to reforming and educating young offenders of BAME backgrounds. For many years now, criminal activity has been allowed to proliferate in our local areas and has been hugely detrimental to our communities, giving rise to conflict and disharmony and preventing our communities from progressing and flourishing. BAME and particularly Muslim offenders are unfortunately overrepresented in the criminal justice system and in local correctional facilities. For these reasons Road to Reform was established, to begin to tackle these problems and the contributing causes.

How does R2R function?

Being part of a local organisation, R2R is uniquely placed in understanding the nature of the problems that exist within High Wycombe and the surrounding area. This also means we feel a unique sense of ownership and responsibility for reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. We believe a faith-based approach can be highly effective in addressing the concerns that exist, since many such offenders profess the Islamic faith. R2R promotes ideas of morality, good social conduct and care and consideration for friends and neighbours of any faith and no faith. We feel a holistic framework is important in the process of reform and rehabilitation to place individuals back upon a stable and productive path for the future.

R2R believe mentoring and support need to take place as early as possible within prison, though the gates and out in the community. Preventative and crime-diversion work is also an important part of our strategy. Links with local prisons, probationary services and prison chaplains facilitate the transition back into the community. We use a mentoring process and establish a trusting relationship with the mentee, to provide a point of contact and familiar face to help address the many challenges that exist for ex-offenders. The process of rehabilitation is never easy as they will be accustomed to being stigmatised, let down and excluded, which creates initial barriers to reintegration. Individuals can often re-offend, but the aim is to have a positive impact on those individuals receiving support, ultimately leading to reduced offending which leads to safer communities.

Who are we?

R2R, Road to Reform is a WISE community initiative. We are a UK registered charitable trust (registration number 1001136) based in High Wycombe, which was established in 1991 and runs Wycombe Islamic Centre since 2009 and The Hive Community Centre established 2017. WISE has well established links to local statutory bodies and community organisations and has a track record of establishing and commissioning professionally run services.

The R2R project team includes members from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, enabling us to reach out to all parts of our community. Together this helps us achieve our common goal which is to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and to make our neighbourhoods safer and to help our communities to prosper.

Contact us:

Email: r2r@wise-web.org
User: road2reform