WISE Media

To spread the message of Islam to a wider audience using modern technology, a dedicated team of volunteers from Wycombe have launched a series of DVDs and CDs. From filming to editing, the volunteers have spent many hours developing the WISE Media products. To enhance the quality of productions, their has been investment in camcorders, IT equipment and software. Moreover, the team has grown to encompass areas such as cover design, DVD duplication, packaging and sale of the WISE DVDS and CDs.

We have been operating an online store for a few years now on eBay, and have been selling WISE Media products as well as other books and DVDs from reputable publishers.

We have a unique position where we sell products but the proceeds go to charity.

We have a growing number of DVD titles on offer that we hope can satisfy your desire for knowledge. These can be purchased online at WISE Shop


Popular products:

Dua CD - learn how to read the supplications in the prayer (salah)

Prayer CD - recite and learn the prayer (salah)


WISE YouTube

You can also checkout recordings of lectures that are held at WISE on our YouTube channel: WISE YouTube Channel