WISE Welfare

In 2010, the WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society) realised that there is a real need for humanitarian aid in many parts of the world which are less fortunate than us.


Qurbani - Udhiyah 2018

WISE Welfare is now collecting payments for performing qurbani/udhiyah. Payments will be accepted up to 14th August to allow us time to organise the slaughtering. Below are the prices for each of the locations:

Share in Cow £60
Sheep or Goat £100

Sheep or Goat - £250

Goat - £163
Share in Cow - £178
Share in Camel - £200

Sheep - £100


When donating, please add a comment on the number of Qurbanis required and in which country you would like the Qurbani performed, e.g. 3 shares cow Pakistan.

The Rohingya: Widely regarded as the worlds most oppressed minority, they are living through the horror of ethnic cleansing and desperately need our help

Donate: Rohingya

Watch the video on our recent Gaza Relief Project

Hardship Fund: There are local families and individuals in dire need, and unable to access public funds. WISE assesses there situation and helps where can.

Donate: Hardship Fund

Zakah: link below to pay your zakah money

Pay Zakah

Sadaqah: give additional charity which will be used to help the poor and needy locally and abroad

Pay Sadaqah

The HIVE: A WISE Community Initiative. Work continues on the centre and we also need funds to help cover operating costs.

Donate: The HIVE

Areas such as Pakistan, in recent years, were struck with devastating floods and earthquakes. This has made life for those poor people unbearable.


WISE Welfare has built over 170 homes, numerous wells and provided a vast amount of medical aid I Pakistan.

Blind Girls School

WISE Welfare supports a school for blind girls in Pakistan. These girls are from poor families and cannot afford go to school – they are often neglected and live very unpleasant lives.

The charity sponsors these girls to attend this specialised school where their specific needs can be met. The school provides them the Quran in braille so they can read and memorise the words.
The girls are also provided with specialised computers and an academic education so that they can have an opportunity to improve their quality of life.


Orphan Sponsorship

After having witnessed the suffering that the poor people are enduring, WISE Welfare have made a special appeal to help the orphans and have set up an orphan sponsorship program. This aims to give consist support in the form of clothing. Shelter, food and water to orphans scattered around the war-torn area.

Email: [email protected]
St Marks Close, High Wycombe, HP13 6GN