Wycombe Sharing of Faiths (WSOF) is a local initiative which brings together people of different faiths to share their experiences. It reflects the multicultural, multi-faith facet of the town of High Wycombe. WISE has participated in some of the activities held with the view of opening up dialogue with the different, diverse communities in this town, addressing misconceptions, tackling issues of mutual concern to faith communities, and working towards achieving common social goals.

Meetings are held at local venues and each one has a different theme or focus. It can be a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about other faiths. In the past there have been talks by invited guests such as Muslim Imams, Christian Ministers and Rabbis. These are usually followed by a lively discussion where all views are respected. Members have also visited places of worship including the Buddhist temple near Maidenhead and a Sikh Temple in High Wycombe.

There have also been events such as the annual Peace Walk to show unity in the town. This attracts many people including local politicians and the media. This usually ends in the Rye Park with a picnic. WSOF were also involved with the ‘Dine at Mine’ project. This involves the setting up of a number of meals in various homes of people who have volunteered to be hosts. People can then go there and meet new people. Sometimes people are meeting people of a different faith for the first time. The last event was covered by the Independent on Sunday newspaper.

WSOF were recently given a grant by the local council to begin a website. This was designed by members of WSOF and is now live. It can be visited at www.wsof.org.uk where further information about the group is available.