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WISE is an organisation serving the community to promote the progress and prosperity of mankind in this life and the next by calling to the true teachings of Islam and the worship of one God (Allah). It aims to empower Muslims with the tools and confidence to live Islam, face the challenges of the modern world and make a positive, meaningful contribution to society. It provides a centre that will serve as a community hub and strives to build bridges with the wider community, promoting and strengthening social cohesion.

We hope to provide clear and accurate information about Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world. Here you will find information about the activities organised by WISE as well as interesting articles on various topics of Islam. For more info about WISE please click here

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The Niqab – Face Veil

With the niqab controversy raging in the media and online, with your usual self-proclaimed experts on Islam (Muslim and non-Muslim) crawling out of the woodwork, with the usual filth spewed out by personalities such as Majid Nawaz and his ever so ironically named Quilliam foundation, with sellouts like Taj Hargey (apparently a ‘leading imam’) coming […]

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The war to end all wars. Remembrance and the poppy.

The war to end all wars. Remembrance and wearing a poppy. Sometimes the most innocuous, innocent looking act can engender strong emotions. Sometimes such an act can also conceal something more sinister. Such is the case with the wearing of the poppy as an act of remembrance. At the onset, let me state that I […]

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Same Sex Marriage

“Britain’s first Gay Muslim marriage,” “…You can be gay and be a Muslim” Well yes, you can be a gay and be a Muslim. The homosexual act (not the homosexual urge – which should still be resisted) is prohibited in Islam – the texts are definitive concerning this and there has been a unanimous consensus […]

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Winter Is Coming

Worship and Humanity in the short days ahead.   Allāh’s Messenger (SAW) said, “Winter is the Spring of the believer. Its nights are long for him to pray in, and its days are short for him to fast in,” with ʿUmar observing, ‘Winter is the prize of the worshippers.’ The days ahead of us present […]

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Shamāʾil al-Muḥammadiyyah – Prophetic Beauty (9-12)

…The Messenger of Allāh  had a wide mouth; eyes, the white of which had a red tinge; and lean heels…. Shamāʾil al-Muḥammadiyyah Prophetic Beauty (Ḥadīths 9-12)   9.             Abū Mūsā Muḥammad ibn al-Muthanna narrated to us; Muḥammad ibn Jaʿfar narrated to us; Shuʿbah narrated to us; from Simāk ibn Ḥarb; who said that he heard […]

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Shamāʾil al-Muḥammadiyyah – Prophetic Beauty (7)

…The Messenger of Allāh (SAW) was neither extremely tall nor very short, rather he was of a medium stature. His hair was neither curly nor completely straight, rather in between. He was not overweight, nor was his face so fleshy as to be completely round, rather it was only slightly round. He was white skinned, […]

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Shama’il al-Muhammadiyyah – Prophetic Beauty (4-6)

…I have never seen a person having a full head of hair, wearing a red ḥulla, who was more handsome than the Messenger of Allāh (SAW). He had hair that reached his shoulders and his shoulders were broad. He was neither short nor tall… Shamāʾil al-Muḥammadiyyah Prophetic Beauty (Ḥadīths 4-6)   4.             Maḥmūd ibn Ghaylān […]

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Shama’il al-Muhammadiyyah – Prophetic Beauty (2-3)

…The Messenger of Allāh (SAW) was of medium stature: neither tall nor short, and of a handsome physique. His hair was neither curly nor completely straight. He had a brownish complexion and when he walked he leant forward [walking briskly]… Shamāʾil al-Muḥammadiyyah Prophetic Beauty (Ḥadīths 2-3)   2.             Ḥumayd ibn Masʿadah al-Baṣrī narrated to us; […]

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